• The team here at Big Bang Sound Design are massive fans of your recording collections. They are truly second to none. Currently we’re in the final push on MAD MAX: Fury Road and I can tell you first hand that we’re using a huge amount of your recordings in the track lay. They are SO GOOD!!–Andrew Miller – Big Bang Sound

  • Frank is very good at what he does, and there are very few recordists with his track record of excellence. If there is one library that is worthy of having an open account on- His is it. And he is an awesomely great guy as well… I am very jealous that I don’t have a tractor like his!–Charles Maynes – Sound Designer, Editor and Recordist

  • Superbly recorded! Frank, your sounds are welcome additions to my library, and you have a knack for releasing sounds that I happen to have an immediate use for. It’s clear you give your recordings a lot of thought and care. Couple all that with stellar locations and a great price point, and I’ve found myself to be quite the repeat customer. Keep ’em coming!–David Farmer – Sound Designer, Editor and Recordist

  • Frank’s recordings fill the gap in what’s available with the bigger name general libraries we all tend to fall back on. Pristinely recorded and meticulously labeled, these sounds make short work of finding exactly what you’re looking for. I can’t recommend Frank’s libraries enough and find myself reaching for them eagerly and often!–Jonathan Lipman, M.P.S.E (Sony Pictures, WB, Wildfire Studios)

  • Bullets HD Pro SFX Library Review: The level of detail he goes through to achieve some of these sounds. The results of what he achieves are so creative and so usable that it goes beyond what the usual recording would capture.–GameAudio Podcast Episode 27 – Feb 18, 2013

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Creative Sound Design’s The Recordist produces high quality professional high definition sound effects for film, video, broadcast, video games and multimedia. We are one of the largest boutique sound effects providers and offer the HD Professional series sound effects libraries. Each HD Professional collection contains unique and difficult to record sound effects in multiple formats up to 24-Bit 192kHz with Soundminer and Pro Tools (BWAV) Metadata embedded. The Recordist is the Ultimate in boutique sound effects.

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