Gun Recording Video Out Takes 2010

Gun Recording Video Out Takes

Gun Recording 2010

I plan on writing a complete blog post someday about my experience and education with recording guns. For now, here is a video of out-takes from one of my first multiple gun recording sessions in October of 2010.

I must say one of the lessons I learned about recording guns is let someone else shoot the guns. I was nervous as hell at first. Between planning the shoot, setting up the gear, operating the gear and shooting the guns, it was a bit much for my blood pressure. I now prefer to have someone else do the shooting. I eventually calmed down and settled into the shoot but as you can see in the video I was a bit goofy. If at all possible have a professional or experienced weapons handler with you to fire the weapons. I am fortunate enough to have enough land to borrow guns and shoot anytime I want so getting someone to help is not always an option. Some family members and a special guest were with me on this shoot.

Special Note: I take shooting guns very seriously and I adhere to all the safety measures I possibly can. The video here shows the extra footage from the shoot that day and in no way represents tha full scope of the session. We paced oursleves and safety was always my number one concern.


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