Autumn Wind HD Pro SFX

Autumn Wind HD Pro SFXFiles: 30 • Zip Sizes: 2.2GB • Price: $50.00 US

A gusty collection of 30 24-Bit 96kHz wind sound effects from the forests and fields of North Idaho. Recorded during the fall season of 2012 on my property and in the North Idaho mountains. This library was recorded with the Sennheiser MKH-8040ST at XY-90 and at times XY-120 (wide) and captures in great detail the sound of air blowing through trees, leaves, tall ...

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Explosives HD Pro SFX

Explosives HD ProSFX: 700+ • Zip Size(s): 1.76GB • Price: $200.00 USD

Over course of 2012 I’ve recorded a whole bunch of Tannerite, White Lightning, Goliath, a black powder cannon, large caliber rifles and some other secret stuff I’m not at liberty to talk about or to have video of. The result of this massive undertaking is a one of a kind collection of things that make a loud noise when lit up or shot at and ...

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Bats, Birds And Bugs HD Pro SFX

Bats, Birds & Bugs HD ProFiles: 600+ • Zip Size: 1.2GB • Price: $75.00 US

From the wilderness of the North Idaho Panhandle, well mostly from my ranch, comes a crazy collection of bats, birds and bugs. Recorded over a year and a half, Bats, Birds & Bugs Sound Effects Library stars some of the best animal actors money can’t buy. They did not charge any fee as they like to just work at their own pace ...

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Bullets HD Pro SFX

Bullets HD Pro SFXSFX: 3500+ • Zip Size: 2.6GB+ • Price: $200.00 USD

Presenting Bullets HD Professional Sound Effects Library. After nine long months and over thirty recording sessions it’s finally done! During the last week of October 2012 the remaining sounds for this comprehensive collection of bullet sound effects were recorded with a multi-microphone setup in the wilds of North Idaho. This final release adds the sounds of bullets being shot into an old Bronco ...

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Autumn Rain HD Pro SFX

Autumn Rain HD ProFiles: 50 • Zip Sizes: 2.5GB • Price: $75.00 US

A pristine collection of 50 24-Bit 96kHz rainfall sound effects from the forests and fields of North Idaho. Recorded primarily in the fall season of 2011 around my ranch and high up in the mountains. Other rain tracks were recorded early and late winter when the rainy season it peaking. A large portion of this library was recorded with the Sennheiser MKH-8040ST at XY-90 and ...

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Ultimate Destruction HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Destruction HD Pro • Files: 600 • Zip Size: 1.5GB • Price: $100.00 US

Ultimate Destruction HD Professional Sound Effects Library is a one-of-a-kind collection of over 600 sounds presented across 217 tracks that will blow your mind. Recorded over a five year period at 24-Bit 96kHz in a multitude of dirty, dusty, smelly, noisy, dangerous and physically grueling locations.

Some of the session locations were a office building being torn down, a house being ripped apart, a ...

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Thompson Machine Gun HD Pro SFX

Thompson Machine Gun HD ProFiles: 100(550) • Zip Size: 300.9MB • Price: $50.00 US

Presenting The Thompson Machine Gun HD Professional Sound Effects Library, a multi-channel collection of 100 Broadcast WAV tracks recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz. The gun was recorded on two separate occasions. There was a session of shooting and foley and one extra interior foley session. The gun was recorded close up, medium and distant. The multiple channels gives you a broad selection ...

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